Every Step

Admin. Management. Support.

My name is Heather MacIntyre, and I have spent most of my career in that undefined area that is often lumped into admin. Over the years, I have amassed a great number of skills, and thus am happy to support companies and individuals in anything from tax returns to planning an event.

I am professional, capable, self-motivated and responsible. I am used to dealing with sensitive information, and can be the quiet background worker or the push you need to be more productive. I love problem-solving, find multitasking easy, and have excellent communication skills. I’m fluent in a wide variety of software, and pick up new ones easily.

Things I Can Do

Here are some of the categories and tasks I get asked about most often. If you'd like to discuss anything not on this list, please email me using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • Marketing

    Lead generation, Social media, content production, basic website building, podcast planning and sound editing, marketing plan creation, campaign engineering
  • HR

    Onboarding, exit interviews, recruitment, interviewing, team leadership, people management
  • Project Management

    Agile & traditional approaches, Change management, SCRUM master, event planning, organisational charts
  • Personal Management

    Calendar management, travel and room arrangements, relationship management
  • Customer Service

    Sales, Help desk, tracking tickets, managing customer complaints, making and taking phone calls, maintaining email inboxes
  • Administrative

    Data entry, minute taking, writing letters, building presentations, editing and proofreading, time management

A Few Accomplishments

Leader in the transition to a paperless office

The office still used a fax machine in 2017. By the time I left at the end of 2018, the office was 90% paperless and the staff had all been retrained in the new system and processes.

Orchestrated the 2018 Supreme Cat Show

From booking in trade stands to overseeing the entry process to people management on the day.

Project managed the introduction of a new computer system

Creation of a completely new CMS and database for the company. The previous IBM computer system was removed and replaced. This not only involved planning, coding and testing, but the training of staff and customers.

Lead release planning for a games company

Implementing a plan and tracking process to ensure that the board game could be developed, tested and released.

Office Management in graphic design

Presenting the company with a clear process as to how they could stay on top of their bookkeeping, time management, orders and inventory.

Contact Me

If you need some assistance, be it long term or short term, why not reach out to me and we can see how to make your life easier?